KARACHI (Khyber Mail): Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has responded to the recent arrest of its country manager at Bahrain Airport, asserting that the incident was a misunderstanding. According to a statement issued by a PIA spokesperson, the airline does not maintain an office at the airport. Typically, passengers’ left luggage is transported to the PIA office in the city, where it is then delivered after contacting the owners.

Bahraini security officials initiated an operation, suspecting the luggage transfer from the airport to be fraudulent. While this action may have violated protocol, PIA maintains that it was not a criminal act. The airline has engaged Pakistani embassy officials to provide legal assistance to the arrested officer.

PIA remains in constant communication with the Pakistani embassy and is extending technical support. The airline’s administration has assigned senior officers to defend the case in court.

This incident highlights the importance of clear communication and adherence to procedures in international travel and cargo handling. PIA aims to resolve the situation swiftly and ensure the manager’s rights are protected during legal proceedings.

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