PESHAWAR (Nadir Khan): Graduates of MBBS programs have expressed frustration as the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) continues to delay the licensing examination, leaving fresh doctors in limbo.

For nearly a year, these graduates have been waiting for the crucial exam that would allow them to officially practice medicine. However, PMDC’s lack of urgency has raised serious concerns about the future of these aspiring doctors.

  • Financial Burden and Lost Time:

Many of these graduates have invested substantial amounts of money in pursuing their MBBS degrees from international universities. The delay in the licensing exam not only affects their professional prospects but also adds financial strain.

  • PMDC’s Inaction:

Despite the interim setup and changes in government, PMDC remains sluggish in addressing this issue. Students allege that PMDC officers draw hefty salaries from public funds while failing to fulfill their responsibilities.

  • Forced to the Brink:

The situation has pushed young doctors to the brink. Some fear they may have to abandon their medical careers and resort to menial labor to make ends meet.

  • Political Turmoil and PMDC’s Status:

Previously, the PMDC underwent reforms under a different government. However, after a change in leadership, the PML(N)-led coalition government restored PMDC and its board of directors.

  • Chief’s Lack of Attention:

Students criticize the PMDC chief for not prioritizing their genuine concerns. Valuable time is slipping away for MBBS degree holders who are eager to contribute to healthcare.

  • Silent Phones and Health Professionals Leaving:

Attempts to contact PMDC officials have been met with silence. Meanwhile, a significant number of specialized health professionals have already left the country due to PMDC-related issues.

  • PMDC’s Responsibility:

The PMDC’s primary responsibility is to conduct licensing exams every three months to issue licenses to fresh graduates. Unfortunately, this time, it seems to be in a deep slumber, neglecting its duty.

The fate of these young doctors hangs in the balance, and urgent action is needed to address this critical situation.

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