PESHAWAR (Khyber Mail): In anticipation of the “National Seminar on Implementation of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Policy 2021 for PWDs” in honor of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2023, a pre-seminar meeting was conducted at the Area Study Centre (Russia, China, and Central Asia) University of Peshawar. The upcoming seminar, scheduled for December 06, 2023, is a collaborative effort between the Area Study Centre, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and the Pak EverBright Development Organization (PEDO).

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem, Director of the Area Study Centre, and Mr. Shahab uddin, Chief Executive of PEDO, led the meeting alongside their respective teams. The purpose of the gathering was to comprehensively review and finalize preparations for the significant event. The seminar aims to shed light on the implementation of the HEC Policy 2021 for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), emphasizing the importance of inclusive higher education.

The collaborative efforts of the Area Study Centre, IRC, and PEDO underscore a commitment to fostering an inclusive educational environment. The meeting focused on fine-tuning the logistics and arrangements to ensure the seamless execution of the seminar, which is poised to be a key platform for discussing policies and practices that enhance educational opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

As the International Day of Persons with Disabilities approaches, this initiative reflects the dedication of the organizing entities to contribute positively to the lives of PWDs through educational advocacy and awareness. The seminar promises to be a significant step toward promoting inclusivity in higher education, aligning with broader efforts to create a more accessible and supportive academic landscape.

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