Islamabad (Khyber Mail): President Dr. Arif Alvi, addressing an event in commemoration of International Human Rights Day, questioned the world’s conscience in the face of Israel’s actions in Gaza and ongoing human rights abuses in Kashmir. He asserted that the world’s gravest mistake was the failure to treat all humans equally.

Expressing concern over the bloodshed in Gaza, President Alvi highlighted the lasting impact such brutalities have on peace, especially for the innocent children and people affected. The event, attended by First Lady Samina Alvi, diplomats, and representatives of international NGOs, emphasized the need for a united global stance against human rights violations.

President Alvi, acknowledging Pakistan’s evolving stance on human rights, urged powerful nations to respect human rights in conflict zones like Palestine and Kashmir. He called for a world order devoid of wars, where humanitarian concerns supersede vested interests.

Rather than endorsing the concept of “civilized wars,” President Alvi urged the United Nations to strive for a world without wars. He noted the challenges in prioritizing humanitarianism over self-serving justifications for war by powerful nations.

President Alvi underscored Pakistan’s commitment to human rights, citing legislative measures, constitutional support, and efforts to ensure legal justice, financial equality, and the empowerment of women and differently-abled individuals.

He praised the progress made by institutions like the National Commission for Human Rights and emphasized the prompt action taken by Pakistan’s state and judicial system against human rights violations.

Highlighting the persistent economic disparity globally, President Alvi stressed that no religion condones discrimination based on class, creed, or color, yet this remains a challenge faced by the world.

Caretaker Federal Minister for Human Rights Khalil George affirmed Pakistan’s effective role in promoting human rights and peace. He highlighted the freedom and security enjoyed by Pakistani minorities in practicing their religious practices.

Federal Secretary for Human Rights AD Khawaja outlined ongoing initiatives, including the establishment of the National Commission for Minority Rights, to ensure the protection of all citizens’ rights.

UNDP Country Head Samuel Rizk commended the collaboration between UNDP and the Ministry of Human Rights in implementing UN resolutions on human rights. He emphasized the importance of Human Rights Day in maintaining global human dignity and raising awareness about human rights issues.

Chairperson of the National Commission for Human Rights Pakistan, Rabia Javeria Agha, called for joint efforts to protect women’s rights, despite limited resources. She highlighted the Commission’s substantial work in processing complaints and issuing reports on various women-related issues.

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