Islamabad (Adnan Hameed): The Defence Adviser Brigadier General Oseni Omoh Braimah & his spouse hosted a reception on the occasion of Nigerian Armed Forces Remembrance Day. Vice Admiral Abid Hameed Hilal-e- Imtiaz (Military), the Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Material) was the chief guest.

High commissioners, ambassadors, senior military officers of the Pakistan Armed Forces, defence advisers and attachés’ of different countries’ Charge d’Affairs of the High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Islamabad, Babagana Ahmadu and acting Dean of diplomatic corps & Ambassador of Morocco Mohamed Karmoune present on the occasion.

Celebrating Armed Forces Day, Brigadier General Oseni Omoh Braimah said that the Nigerian Armed Forces have partnered with many friendly countries, most of whom are represented in this esteemed audience, in our bid to build a peaceful and prosperous nation and contribute to a better world. Pakistan’s Armed Forces have been a key ally in this regard.

On this occasion, he said while addressing the gathering “we gather to pay tribute to our fallen comrades, who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, so that Nigeria, and indeed humanity, may be a better place for all. This day is also set aside to celebrate our colleagues, who toil day and night, in missions within and outside Nigeria, in the service of my great country Nigeria”.

He said “I wish to briefly recall the giant strides made by the Nigerian Armed Forces from its humble beginnings as a small constabulary force of Lt John Glover of the British Navy in 1863, to the present-day modern tri-service entity.” We also particularly pridefully acknowledge the selfless sacrifices made by our troops during the world wars and under the auspices of the United Nations, and African Union amongst others. Special mention must also be made of the liberation of the sister West African countries of Sierra Leone and Liberia from rebel incursions in the 90s and the ongoing peacekeeping efforts in The Gambia and Guinea Bissau by Nigerian gallant troops. These, indeed, have contributed in no small measure to the ensuing stability being enjoyed by these countries today. Hence, the celebration allows us to project the Nigerian Armed Forces as an instrument of regional stability, national pride, prestige, unity, and development”.

The Defense Advisor said Nigeria, and indeed our Armed Forces, has continued to partner with many friendly countries, including those of the distinguished guests here present, (all of you) to build and sustain a more secure world, especially in the fight against the various threats to our collective survival such as the recent menace of terrorism. As you are aware, Nigeria also had its fair share of this menace, although affected areas of the Boko Haram crisis have largely returned to normalcy, with the terrorists effectively defeated. Stabilization efforts have also commenced and this has so far been effectively sustained. In this regard, please permit me to recognize and acknowledge the unflinching support of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

The Brigadier General Oseni Omoh Braimah said that the Nigerian Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration, which is observed annually every 15th January, to remember and honour our fallen heroes and compatriots. This event is also to commemorate the end of the Nigerian civil war and appreciate the sacrifices of our veterans who fought in the First and Second World Wars, United Nations peacekeeping operations, internal security operations and counter terrorism war not only to safeguard a united and prosperous Nigeria, but also to bequeath us a safer and more peaceful world. Furthermore, the celebration affords us the opportunity to project the Nigerian Armed forces as instruments of national unity, integration and development.

General Oseni Omoh Braimah said that Pakistan has partnered with Armed Forces of Nigeria in the sharing of experience, training, exercises, equipment maintenance and upgrades and induction of cutting -edge platforms and aircraft, such as the versatile Super Mushshak trainer aircraft and the multi-role JF 17 Thunder Fighter. Indeed, many other countries, some of whose DA’s are in this gathering, are also collaborating with the Nigerian government and its Armed Forces on capacity building, equipment support, intelligence sharing and many other critical areas, for which we are highly grateful. This critical support has assisted the Armed Forces of Nigeria to transform and innovate in tandem with current realities and changing dynamics of security challenges and the environment.

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