Islamabad (Agencies): The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has cautioned the public against phishing and fraudulent links circulating on Whatsapp, social media, and through text messages, falsely claiming to be associated with PTA’s Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS).

The message making the rounds purports to be an official communication, stating that the user’s SIM is found to be involved in “suspicious activities” and that the user should check the number of SIMs at the given link. Alternatively, another message warned that the user’s phone registration will be suspended unless they visit the provided link, according to a news release.

These deceptive tactics are designed to trick individuals into clicking on malicious links, compromising their personal information. The public has been urged to refrain from clicking on links from unknown numbers/senders and report such phone numbers/links for blocking through PTA’s complaint management system (toll-free number: 0800-55055, web link: and PTA CMS mobile app).

To check the status of their device, users should only visit, SMS IMEIs to 8484 from their device, or through the official Device Verification App, available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

PTA has urged the public to stay vigilant and prioritize the use of its official platforms/shortcodes to protect their personal information.

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