PESHAWAR (Agencies): In a momentous meeting held in a warm and cordial atmosphere, Prof. Dr. Usman Ghani, Director of IMSciences, had the privilege to meet with Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, the Chairperson of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), following his arrival from Hajj. During the meeting, Prof. Dr. Usman Ghani extended heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad on performing Hajj.

The discussion revolved around the future direction of IMSciences, with both leaders sharing their insights and visions for the institution’s growth and development.

Prof. Dr. Usman Ghani enthusiastically presented his new initiatives, aimed at elevating the academic and research capabilities of IMSciences. These initiatives are set to enhance the institution’s prominence in the academic community and contribute significantly to national and international research endeavors.

One of the primary highlights of the meeting was Prof. Dr. Usman Ghani’s vision for achieving financial independence for IMSciences. His strategic plans and innovative approaches seek to reduce reliance on external funding sources and foster a self-sustaining ecosystem within the institute.

Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad expressed his utmost appreciation for Prof. Dr. Usman Ghani’s dedication and progressive ideas. He emphasized the importance of fostering an environment of academic excellence and research-driven development within the institute.

Both leaders shared an optimistic outlook for the future of IMSciences, with a shared commitment to nurturing talent, promoting groundbreaking research, and contributing significantly to the development of the community and the nation.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with renewed determination to work collaboratively and shape a bright future for IMSciences as a leading academic and research institution in Pakistan.

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