Peshawar (E-hujra): The recent suspension of Muhammad Zubair, a highly respected bureaucrat and former Commissioner of Peshawar, has sparked widespread concern among the citizens he served with distinction. Zubair’s tenure was characterized by an unwavering commitment to public welfare, earning him a reputation for honesty, fairness, and the ability to adeptly handle the complexities of his role.

Zubair was seen as a champion for the common man, the backbone of our nation. His governance approach, centered on the needs of the people, fostered a positive and productive relationship between the public and the administration. The enduring warmth with which Zubair is remembered speaks volumes about his lasting impact.

Given Zubair’s exceptional service record and the overwhelmingly positive response from the Peshawar community, there is a strong call for the federal government to reconsider its decision. The suspension of such a high-caliber individual seems counterproductive, especially when the focus should be on retaining and celebrating such exemplary public servants.

Zubair’s dedication and efficiency embody the qualities desired in our national leadership. Instead of removing such a valuable asset, efforts should be made to commend and empower individuals who excel in their roles.

There is a humble request for the federal government to immediately rescind the suspension order and reinstate Zubair to his position. This action would not only rectify a seemingly unjust decision but also send a powerful message of appreciation for excellence within the ranks of public service.

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