LAHORE (Agencies):Chief Executive Officer Railways Amir Baloch inaugurated the ‘Premium Lounge’, a cutting-edge dining car at Lahore Railway Station on Thursday.

Th lounge, attached to Bahauddin Zakariya Express, marked the initial stride in elevating facilities. Talking to the media, Baloch emphasised the Pakistan Railways’ commitment to enhancing food and beverage standards and ensuring value for money in the design of the dining car.

The Bahauddin Zakariya Express will be the first beneficiary, with plans to extend this upgrade to the Hazara Express in the subsequent phase. He said that despite limited resources, passengers would be provided with the best facilities. He said that the project had been finalised on ‘Develop-and run’ basis with the cooperation of the private partner.

When questioned, Amir Baloch mentioned that the Lahore dining car contract spans one year, offering bedding services to passengers at Rs 250 each. Stressing cleanliness, he emphasised the dining car operator’s role in maintaining hygiene. The CEO underscored the aim of providing fare relief and mentioned ongoing discussions about the financial terms of the ML-1 project.

In the dining car, 45 passengers could dine at a time and the car’s menu includes more than 40 dishes.
An oven is available for fresh baked ‘roti’, and barbecue and pizza will also be offered.
In the coming weeks, new dining cars will be added to other trains as well.

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