LAHORE (Agencies): The Pakistan Railways has unveiled a state-of-the-art fuel management system, designed to tackle the current challenges.
As per the announcement made on Friday, Railways Chief Executive Officer Amir Ali Baloch has confirmed a new partnership with Pakistan State Oil (PSO), which will now be responsible for ensuring a consistent fuel supply within the railway’s oil supply facilities.
The collaboration with PSO brings the introduction of the latest fuel management technology, promising substantial benefits for the railway’s operations. In line with the standards set by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the railway’s fuel supply centres are set to undergo comprehensive upgrades to meet international benchmarks.
Under the newly forged agreement, the railway’s fuel supply centers will not only be insured according to global standards but will also see the installation of the world’s premier firefighting systems. This initiative is currently being rolled out in Karachi and Lahore, with plans to extend the system to six additional cities shortly.
The CEO emphasised the system’s potential to conserve railway resources and minimise fuel wastage. He also highlighted the system’s capability to significantly reduce the likelihood of fuel theft, ensuring a more secure and efficient fuel supply chain.
This modernisation effort by Pakistan Railways marks a pivotal step in enhancing the reliability and sustainability of its services, aligning with international standards and practices.

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