Islamabad (Adnan Hameed): The focal points of the meeting included a thorough discussion on the current situation in Palestine and Gaza and addressing matters of shared concern.

Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani unequivocally condemned the aggressive actions undertaken by the Israeli zionist forces against the Palestinians, characterizing such conduct as a severe infringement upon human rights and international laws. He stressed the necessity for the international community to play an active role in seeking a comprehensive and equitable resolution to the Palestine problem. Calling for unified action among Muslim nations, he advocated for a collective approach towards peace and stability in the region.

Highlighting the robust ties between Pakistan and Oman, Chairman Senate expressed a commitment to fortifying bilateral relations. Acknowledging historical, religious, and cultural affinities, he envisioned expanded opportunities for trade and economic cooperation. The Chairman underscored the significance of elevating people to people contacts and advocating for increased exchanges of parliamentary and trade delegations as a catalyst for economic growth in both nations.

Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani emphasized that regional peace is integral to fostering development and encouraged active participation from Muslim countries in achieving stability. Reflecting on Sultan Qaboos’s legacy of caring for the Balochs, he urged the exploration of vast investment opportunities in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan.

This meeting underscores the shared commitment of Pakistan and Oman to building stronger ties, fostering regional stability, and advocating for global peace.

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