PESHAWAR (Khyber Mail): The 18th Biennial Conference of the Pakistan Physiological Society was a resounding success, taking place from October 6th to 8th, 2023. This collaborative event was jointly hosted at Khyber Medical University, Khyber Girls Medical College, and Rehman Medical College, concluding at KMU. The conference attracted over 500 delegates from various regions of Pakistan, fostering academic exchange and collaboration.

The conference featured prominent plenary talks delivered by 13 eminent physiologists, both national and international, enriching the discourse on physiological sciences. Moreover, the event witnessed the presentation of more than 80 research papers by faculty members, postgraduate students, and undergraduates, reflecting the diverse expertise within the field.

An encouraging highlight of the conference was the display of more than 30 posters and models by junior participants, showcasing the enthusiasm and talent of the upcoming generation of physiologists. Prizes were awarded to the top three positions in these competitions, acknowledging their outstanding contributions.

In addition to the academic presentations, the conference organized 12 pre-conference workshops, providing invaluable hands-on training to over 250 scholars and faculty members. These workshops enhanced participants’ proficiency in various techniques, contributing to their professional development.

During the closing ceremony, Prof. Dr. Rubina Nazli, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Khyber Medical University, commended the organizing committee for their exceptional efforts in orchestrating this remarkable conference. She emphasized the importance of continuing to host such activities regularly in the future to further advance physiological research and knowledge.

The conference was officially concluded by Dr. Inayat, the Chief Organizer and Director of IBMS, with a heartfelt vote of thanks. He also announced that the forthcoming conference, BMedCon 23, scheduled to be held at KMU in November later this year, promising another platform for academic exchange and collaboration in the field of physiology.

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