Peshawar, Jamrud (Staff Report) A suicide attack at the Ali Mosque in Jamrud has resulted in the tragic death of Additional Station House Officer (SHO) Mr. Adnan Afridi, according to media reports.

Details surrounding the incident are still unfolding as authorities investigate the attack. The suicide bomber targeted the Ali Mosque, causing significant damage and loss of life. The specific motives behind the attack and the identity of the perpetrator have not been disclosed yet. Law enforcement and security agencies are actively working to gather information and apprehend any individuals involved in the heinous act.

The late Mr. Adnan Afridi was an esteemed member of the police force and was known for his dedication to maintaining law and order in the region. His sacrifice in the line of duty has been mourned by colleagues and residents alike.

The government and security agencies are on high alert, and additional measures are being implemented to enhance security and prevent further acts of violence in the area.

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