Islamabad (Adnan Hameed): The Embassy of Italy in Pakistan organized tremendous digital art exhibition, bringing an innovative art form to the Pakistani audience. 

Italian Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese during his remarks his said that presenting the unique showcase of digital art to the public, highlighting its versatility and wide range of possibilities.

Embassy of Italy in Pakistan hosts immersive digital art exhibition The ambassador acknowledged the artwork of Stefano Fake, one of Italy’s celebrated digital artists. He praised Italy’s capacity to blend historical heritage with new and creative arts, dispelling the notion that the country was solely associated with its past. Stefano Fake, in his address, delved into the journey of digital art, which he began nearly 30 years ago. 

He described his transition from traditional art to digital tools in 1997, culminating in the establishment of his studio in 2001, dedicated to creating immersive art experiences. Fake underlined that every era had its unique artistic tools, and digital art represented the current period’s creative expression. He said, “The purpose of art is, after all, to create original and imaginative forms of aesthetic expression shared with a community through experiences and events.” 

This transformation reflects the growing appreciation for new media art worldwide. One of Kake’s groundbreaking approaches was to immerse audiences in a digital environment, using video projection to transform spaces and even people. He dispelled early concerns about safety and emphasized the combination of physical reality with digital art, creating immersive experiences that evolve and transcend traditional static forms of art. The term “immersive art experiences” emerged, capturing the essence of their work, as it blends physical spaces, bodies, and digital artworks, making it a unique and ephemeral experience. These art experiences offer a fresh perspective, bridging the gap between contemporary culture and art.

The Fake Factory took part in the carrying out of several hundreds of video design project: 3D videomapping;  immersive videoart experiences; video and TV productions;  luminous;  performances; videoinstallations;  mapping projections, architectural installation; stage designs for concerts, theatre ad opera; stage design for multimedia runaways and virtual fashion shows;  visual settings for Museum, Galleries and Cultural events; creation of  films and videoart installations.

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