Islamabad (Agencies): The Ministry of Railways in Islamabad hosted a successful trilateral Working Group Meeting of Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan on the UAP Railways project. Led by Syed Mazhar Ali Shah, Secretary/Chairman of Pakistan Railways, the Pakistani delegation engaged with Alhaj Bakhtulrehman Sharaft, Director General and CEO of Afghanistan Railways Authority, and Mr. Dekhkanov D.T, Head of the Transport Department of the Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Trade of Uzbekistan.

During the meeting, the working group reached a consensus on the route for the UAP project. The signing ceremony for the Joint Protocol is scheduled to take place on July 18, 2023. The primary objective of the UAP project is to establish a vital rail link connecting Uzbekistan railways with Pakistan railways via the Termiz-Mazar e Sharif-Logar-Kharlachi route.

The implementation of the UAP railway project holds immense significance as it will facilitate regional, transit, and bilateral trade among the participating countries. Additionally, it will strengthen people-to-people connections across the entire region. The railway line will support both passenger and freight services, contributing to regional trade growth and economic development.

Furthermore, the parties agreed on a comprehensive roadmap for conducting technical studies, identifying financing sources, and addressing other critical aspects to ensure the timely implementation of the project. The expertise and professionalism demonstrated by the experts from the three railway authorities were highly appreciated in achieving consensus on the final route and the modalities for its implementation.

The UAP Railways project represents a significant milestone in regional connectivity, fostering closer ties between Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It promises to enhance trade, boost economic cooperation, and create new avenues for collaboration in the region. The successful conclusion of the trilateral Working Group Meeting paves the way for the next phase of the project, bringing the participating countries closer to achieving their shared vision of enhanced connectivity and economic prosperity.

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