Lahore (Khyber Mail): In a remarkable event at Lahore General Hospital (LGH), a woman gave birth to three daughters simultaneously. The newborn triplets, along with their mother, are in good health. The parents are overjoyed by the birth of their daughters. The incident occurred while the woman, Humaira (25), wife of Arshad from Sialkot, was receiving medical care at LGH. She was brought to the hospital from Kot Radha Kishan by Rescue 1122. Dr. Aqsa Nisar, Dr. Asra, PG trainee Dr. Aisha Riaz, and nurses attended to her during the delivery.

The hospital administration promptly transferred all three babies to the nursery for further care. Although the triplets are healthy, they will continue to receive additional medical attention. Meanwhile, the parents and their extended family are celebrating the joyous occasion together.

Mr. Arshad expressed his gratitude to the doctors and staff at LGH. He also acknowledged the free medical treatment provided to his wife in accordance with the Punjab government’s policy. He attributed this blessing to Allah and prayed for a long and prosperous life for his daughters.

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