Islamabad (Adnan Hameed): Ambassador of Turkiye His Excellency, Dr Mehmet Pacaci & Mrs Meryem Pacaci hosted reception to mark the 100th Anniversary of Proclamation of Turkiye at the the local hotel in Islamabad.

The event was graced by Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori, Sarfraz Bugti, Former Joint Chief of the Staff Committee of Pakistan Army, Former Pakistani Ambassadors and Head of Diplomatic Corps and missions alongwith thousands other Pakistani guests.

Dr Mehmet Pacaci in his short speech welcomed all the distinguished Guest and praised the great leader Ghazi Mustafa Kamal Ata Turk (late) and expressed his gratitude to Turkish holy martyrs and  veterans who fought for the same blessed cause and entrusted our beautiful homeland to us at the cost of their lives. 

Mehmet said that, the Republic of Türkiye signifies the reborn of a noble nation from its ashes that prefer to die instead of making compromises from its liberty, independence and honor. We are proud of being a member of such a heroic nation who has the “character of independence”.

Turkish War of Independence was not only the success of the Turkish nation but also well documented part of our shared history with Pakistan. 

He further said, the sacrifices and selfless support by the South Asian Muslims during the Khilafat Movement, and their political and financial contributions to the Turkish sacred cause have and will never be forgotten. 

Turkish Independence War has also become a profound inspiration for sub-continent Muslims in their struggle for freedom. Founding father of Pakistan, Quaid-e Azam Muhammad Ali Cinnah expressed his appreciation for the Turkish struggle and its exceptional leader, Atatürk, as builder of Modern Türkiye and an example to the rest of the world, especially to the Muslim states in the Far East. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

More over, the video message by Turkish President H.E.  Recep Tayyip Erdo?an was also shown during National Day and Centenary of the Republic of Türkiye in Islamabad.

Edrogan stated during his recorded message:  On behalf of my country and my nation, I would like to thank all our friends and guests who share our joy of celebration by being with us. 

Today, we are elated and proud to have reached the Centenary of the Republic.

At this turning point in our glorious history, I commemorate all our heroes who pioneered the establishment of our new state, first and foremost the founder of the Republic, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and wish Allah’s mercy upon them.

President of Türkiye said, I wish Allah’s mercy upon all our glorious martyrs and veterans, who shed their blood for the homeland for a thousand years.

We have implemented historical reforms in every field, from democracy to economy, from security to justice, from education to health, from agriculture to foreign policy.

With the Presidential Government system, we have turned into a reality the ideal voiced by Gazi Mustafa Kemal that “THE PURPOSE AND GOAL OF THE NATIONAL STRUGGLE IS TO ENSURE AND SUSTAIN THE FULL INDEPENDENCE AND UNCONDITIONAL SOVEREIGNTY OF THE NATION”, almost after a century.

By removing the walls between the state and the nation, we ensured that the people and the Republic were united.

In short, despite all the enemies of our nation and country, with Allah’s will, we shall bring to life the Century of Türkiye, as we have fulfilled all our other objectives. May Allah be on our side and help us.

With these sentiments and thoughts in mind, I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate all our citizens living in Türkiye and abroad, on the Republic Day.

May the soul of all our martyrs rest in peace!

The reception was followed by ceremonial cake cutting performed by Dr Mehmet Pacaci, Governor Sindh, Chief Minister Sindh and other military personnels present there.

To express gratitude and extend a piece of Turkiye to the attendees, guest received a farewell gift bag containing pens, diaries etc thoughtfully sourced from Turkish companies.

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