MALAKAND (Khyber Mail): The University of Malakand joined the global community in celebrating World Quantum Day, an annual event that recognizes the remarkable advancements and profound impact of quantum science and technology. The Department of Physics at the university organized a walk and seminar to educate students about the importance of quantum physics.

Quantum physics, a branch of physics that studies the behavior of matter and energy on the smallest scales, differs from classical physics as it takes into account the wave-like properties of matter and energy, and introduces uncertainty into the measurement process.

World Quantum Day serves as a platform to recognize the groundbreaking discoveries and innovations in the field of quantum mechanics, which have revolutionized various sectors including computing, communication, and cryptography. In Pakistan, like other countries, the day is commemorated with enthusiasm and reverence by scientists, researchers, educators, and enthusiasts alike.

Events such as seminars, workshops, and public lectures are organized across the nation to raise awareness about the significance of quantum theory and its practical applications in modern society. Educational institutions, research centers, and governmental organizations collaborate to showcase Pakistan’s contributions to quantum research and development. This includes highlighting the work of Pakistani scientists and their contributions to the global quantum community.

Furthermore, World Quantum Day serves as a catalyst for inspiring the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers in Pakistan. Through outreach programs and educational initiatives, young minds are encouraged to explore the fascinating world of quantum mechanics, fostering a culture of scientific curiosity and innovation.

As Pakistan embraces the transformative potential of quantum technologies, World Quantum Day reaffirms the nation’s commitment to advancing scientific knowledge, driving technological progress, and contributing to the global quest for understanding the fundamental principles of the universe.

Various faculty members, Deans and HODs participated in the event, at the university of Malakand. The Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Rashid Ahmad and other highlighted the importance of the day and emphasised the importance of Science and technology for survival in the modern world.

The organisers led by Prof. Dr Iftikhar Ahmad, chairman Department of Physics passed a resolution regarding the three fundamental points that are essential for survival in future in the grand function of Quantum Day organized in Malakand University.

  1. That mathematics should be made a compulsory subject up to the twelfth standard.
  2. ?Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education should be promoted across the country.
  3. ?Programs on quantum and STEM should be organized at regional, provincial and national levels.

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