Peshawar (Agencies): On Thursday, June 22, 2023, the Consul General of the US Consulate in Peshawar paid a visit to the Center for Water Informatics & Climate Resilience (CWC).

CWC, located at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) in Peshawar, is actively involved in addressing climate change issues. The purpose of the visit was to gain insights into CWC’s initiatives.

Professor Dr. Muhammad Rafiq, Coordinator of CWC, along with Dr. Shakeel Hayat, provided a comprehensive briefing to the Consul General, Mr. Panfilo Marquez, highlighting the completed projects carried out in collaboration with Islamic Relief, the Asian Development Bank, and IRC.

The event was attended by faculty members, students, and staff of CWC, who warmly welcomed the Consul General and Ms. Monica Davis, the Public Affairs Officer. Professor Dr. Usman Ghani, Director of IMSciences, extended a warm welcome to the esteemed guests, discussing the institute’s programs and the upcoming diploma program focused on climate change.

During the visit, Professor Dr. Muhammad Rafiq delivered a concise presentation, providing an overview of CWC’s establishment, projects, research activities, and human resources. He also discussed potential future projects.

The Consul General, Mr. Panfilo Marquez, expressed his admiration for the impressive work carried out by CWC, stating, “I am truly impressed by the dedication and expertise demonstrated by the Center for Water Informatics & Climate Resilience. The collaborative efforts by esteemed organizations such as Islamic Relief, the Asian Development Bank, and IRC reflect a strong commitment to addressing the challenges posed by climate change.”

As a gesture of appreciation, Dr. Usman Ghani presented tokens of gratitude to the guests. Subsequently, the visitors explored the Lincoln Corner located in the IMSciences library, engaging in conversations with faculty members and enjoying refreshments. The visit concluded with a group photograph to commemorate the occasion.

Media inquiries can be directed to:
Ayat Zaheer
Research Associate
CWC-IM Sciences, Peshawar

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