TOPSHOT - Palestinians evacuate the area following an Israeli airstrike on the Sousi mosque in Gaza City on October 9, 2023. Israel continued to battle Hamas fighters on October 9 and massed tens of thousands of troops and heavy armour around the Gaza Strip after vowing a massive blow over the Palestinian militants' surprise attack. (Photo by Mahmud HAMS / AFP) (Photo by MAHMUD HAMS/AFP via Getty Images)

GAZA CITY (Agencies): As the destructive war, which has resulted in the annihilation of civilians, enters its fourth month, it appears that some countries remain unconvinced of Israel’s defiance of international law.

The leaders of Israel’s ruling right-wing continue to fuel the war, extending its duration in various ways. This is happening under the watchful eyes of the international community, leading to an intensification of the genocide of civilians, and a deepening and widening humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. The northern areas of the Gaza Strip have been completely destroyed, with forced displacement affecting more than 85% of the population. The remaining health centers in the central and southern regions are continuously being destroyed, and civilians and displaced individuals are being targeted in multiple ways. These individuals are trapped in a cycle of inevitable death, either through bombings or through policies of starvation, thirst, and deprivation of treatments and medicines. All of this is happening under the banners and calls of the Israeli extreme right, who continue to justify the war as self-defense, despite the horrific and brutal mass massacres against Palestinian civilians.

Meanwhile, the international community continues to demonstrate its failure to stop the war, protect civilians, or secure their basic humanitarian needs in line with the Security Council resolution. The international community keeps repeating phrases such as “we must”, “we emphasized the importance”, “we warn”, “we demand”, “we are concerned”, etc., all of which reflect its inability and failure to fulfill its legal and moral responsibilities to protect civilians and support them. These demands do not exert any pressure on the occupying government to force it to stop the war and respect international law regarding civilians and their lives.

Consequently, these demands fall on deaf ears on the Israeli side, which continues to widen the circle of death, destruction, and forced displacement, and establish more camps in Rafah and its surroundings.

As the genocidal war enters its fourth month, with the continuation and escalation of mass massacres against civilians, and Israel’s disregard for international demands and resolutions, we are left to wonder: What is the response of those countries that supported Israel under the guise of self-defense to its disregard for civilian lives and the provision of their basic needs? How long will these countries allow the war to continue before they realize that Israel is not heeding their requests and is intent on destroying the Gaza Strip and depopulating it? This suggests that these countries are either continuing to manage the conflict and war and providing more covers to extend it, or they are trying to hide behind demands that are ignored by Israel.

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