ISLAMABAD (Khyber Mail): The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has fully operationalised its EADS network, a comprehensive electronic air defence system that offers a multi-layered, all-spectrum offensive and defensive weapon platform. The system, scalable from local to theatre-wide operations, has recently been fully integrated into the national secured defence network by the PAF Cyber and Space Command.

In a significant development that cements Pakistan’s dominance in regional electronic warfare, an indigenously developed offensive electronic warfare system has been inducted. This system is specifically engineered to jam satellite communications of enemy military systems and disrupt inter-asset/service datalinks, with a notable capability to interfere with the datalink capabilities of the entire frontline fighter fleet of the Indian Air Force.

Consequently, Pakistan’s command over the wartime electronic spectrum in any chosen target region of operation is considered unparalleled globally, capable of overwhelming all contemporary electronic warfare subsystems, countermeasures, and jamming systems.

Further advancements in the electronic warfare domain are anticipated as the PAF plans to replace its DA-20 Falcon ‘Blinders’ jets with a more advanced dedicated aerial jammer platform. Additionally, the NATSP-PAC is developing next-generation weapon systems powered by artificial intelligence for cognitive electronic warfare.

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