ISLAMABAD (Khyber Mail): The Pakistan Army has declared the elevation of three of its Major Generals to the rank of Lieutenant General, accompanied by their new assignments.

  • Maj Gen Umer Bukhari, HI(M): Umer Bukhari, having been promoted to Lieutenant General, has been assigned as the Commander of the 11 Corps. His previous role was the Vice Chief of General Staff (A).
  • Maj Gen Inayat Ullah, HI (M): Following his promotion to Lieutenant General, Inayat Ullah has been appointed as the Chief of Logistic Staff (CLS). He formerly served as the Vice Chief of General Staff (B).
  • Maj Gen Ahmed Shareef, HI(M): Ahmed Shareef, now a Lieutenant General, has been designated as the Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). Prior to this, he held the position of Director General of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation.

These promotions and subsequent postings are part of the standard procedure in the military hierarchy, with officers being assigned new roles based on their expertise and the needs of the Pakistan Army.

The newly promoted Lieutenant Generals are set to assume their new roles immediately.

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