MOSCOW (Agencies): This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to embark on a journey to China, marking his first international trip in his new term as president. The Kremlin has confirmed that the visit, which is scheduled for May 16 and 17, comes at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The summit will provide an opportunity for the two leaders to delve into a wide array of topics encompassing their comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction. They will also outline the primary directions for the advancement of Russian-Chinese relations.

In addition to discussing key international and regional issues, Putin and Xi are anticipated to sign a joint statement and several bilateral agreements. However, the specifics of these documents have not been disclosed.

Putin is also slated to engage in discussions with Chinese Premier Li Qiang, the country’s second-highest official. Their conversation will center on bilateral trade, economic, and humanitarian cooperation.

A highlight of the visit will be Putin and Xi’s attendance at a celebration commemorating the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and China. They will also inaugurate the Russian-Chinese Years of Culture.

Putin’s itinerary includes a visit to Harbin, a city in northeastern China founded by Russian settlers in the late 19th century. Here, he will participate in the opening ceremony of the Russian-Chinese EXPO, scheduled from May 17 to 21. He will also preside over the opening of the Russian-Chinese Forum on Interregional Cooperation and meet with students and faculty of the Harbin Institute of Technology.

The relationship between Russia and China has been marked by close ties for several decades. In February 2022, the two nations declared that their friendship knows no bounds and that there are no areas off-limits for cooperation. In this context, Beijing has refrained from criticizing Moscow’s military campaign against Kiev and has not joined the Western sanctions imposed over the conflict.

China has proposed a plan to resolve the Ukraine conflict, advocating for a ceasefire, respect for all countries’ sovereignty, and the abandonment of the Cold War mentality. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has commended the proposal, describing it as the most clear and detailed plan of its kind.

In March 2023, Xi Jinping made a significant visit to Moscow, during which a series of economic cooperation agreements were signed. Later in October, Putin attended the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, where he held private talks with Xi, addressing a number of sensitive issues.

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