BEIJING (Agencies): A tripartite naval collaboration is underway in the Gulf of Oman, with China, Iran, and Russia conducting joint military exercises. Announced on Monday by Beijing, the week-long drills are part of a concerted effort to bolster “regional maritime security,” as stated on China’s defense ministry WeChat account.

The exercises highlight the strategic alliance among the three nations in maritime defense. China’s fleet, including the guided-missile destroyer Urumqi, the guided-missile frigate Linyi, and the supply ship Dongpinghu, will be at the forefront of the operations.

While the finer details remain under wraps, these maneuvers are a continuation of last year’s drills, reinforcing the countries’ commitment to defense collaboration.

The drills will witness the participation of representatives from Oman, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and South Africa.

  • Context of the Naval Exercises:

The drills unfold against a backdrop of regional tension, with the Gaza conflict and Red Sea ship attacks by Yemen’s Houthis adding to the urgency of securing maritime channels.

Russia’s participation is marked by the arrival of its Pacific Fleet, led by the cruiser Varyag, at Iran’s Chah Bahar port. The practical exercises in the Gulf of Oman aim to protect maritime economic activities, reflecting the trio’s dedication to safeguarding critical sea lanes.

These joint drills are a testament to China, Russia, and Iran’s resolve to fortify maritime cooperation and navigate the complex geopolitical waters of the region.

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