Prague (Agencies): In a devastating attack at Charles University in Prague on Thursday, a gunman claimed the lives of 15 individuals and left around two dozen others injured, according to Czech police reports. The assailant, identified as a student at the university, was neutralized at the scene.

Police swiftly responded to the incident at Jan Palach Square in central Prague, where they dealt with an active shooter, as stated by Police President Martin Vondrasek during a press briefing.

Amid the evacuation process, authorities discovered 15 victims deceased, with at least 24 others sustaining injuries, as confirmed by Vondrasek.

While Czech media identified the shooter as 24-year-old David Kozak, a student at the university, Police President Vondrasek emphasized that the attacker had not yet been officially named. Additionally, he noted uncertainty regarding the source of the fatal shot that ended the assailant’s life and halted the violent episode.

The perpetrator is suspected of committing patricide in the city of Kladno earlier on Thursday before making his way to Prague, added Vondrasek.

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