ANTALYA (Agencies): The Sudanese government has expressed its openness to the establishment of a Russian navy base within its borders, according to Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Al-Sadiq Ali. Speaking to media, Ali clarified that there are no fundamental objections to the agreements previously reached under the previous administration. He emphasized that this stance reflects the state’s obligation.

The topic arose during the Antalya Diplomacy Forum, where Ali addressed the matter. He assured that Sudan’s new parliament will thoroughly review the agreement with Russia regarding the creation of the naval base. The evaluation is scheduled to take place after the upcoming elections.

In a related development, Russian Ambassador to Sudan, Andrei Chernovol, disclosed that the ratification process for the agreement has not yet been finalized. The proposed Russian navy base would be located in Port Sudan, situated on the Red Sea. Despite the delay, both nations remain committed to the project, awaiting the necessary procedural steps to move forward.

This potential collaboration between Sudan and Russia could have significant implications for regional security and maritime operations. As the situation unfolds, international observers closely monitor the progress of this strategic partnership.

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