Riyadh (Agencies): In a significant development, U.S. Navy Sailors, U.S. Marines, and members of the Royal Saudi Armed Forces have successfully completed a long-range convoy covering over 130 miles using an Autonomous Tactical Vehicle System.

This remarkable achievement was part of the multi-lateral exercise Native Fury 24.

The Autonomous Tactical Vehicle System (ATV-S) is designed to provide uncrewed operation of tactical wheeled vehicles in support of logistics operations.

The mission sets of ATV-S include support convoy operations, waypoint navigation, and teleoperations.

These mission sets aim to reduce soldier exposure to hostile threats while increasing logistics throughput.

Exercise Native Fury 24, sponsored by U.S. Central Command, is a joint effort led by the U.S. Marine Corps.

It involves collaboration with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and multiple other services.

The exercise aims to underscore the interoperability of combined forces in conducting large-scale and intricate operations, utilizing the Trans-Arabian Network.

This exercise represents a significant milestone in the U.S. military’s collaboration with the Royal Saudi Armed Forces and United Arab Emirates Armed Forces, demonstrating the positive outcomes of sustained cooperation.

The successful completion of the long-range autonomous convoy marks a significant step forward in military technology and strategic cooperation.

It showcases the potential of autonomous systems in enhancing operational efficiency and safety in military logistics operations.

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