Pictured: The Minister of State For Defence Procurement Mr Jeremy Quin MP and The Secretary of National Security and Defence Council Mr Oleksiy Danilov sign the Memorandum of Implementation on board HMS Defender. HMS DEFENDER HOSTS HIGH LEVEL ENGAGEMENT DAY IN UKRAINE On Monday 21st June 2021, HMS Defender hosted a high level Defence Engagement day whilst alongside Odesa, Ukraine. The day included visits from high profile VIPs including Her Majesty's Ambassador to Ukraine, Ms Melinda Simmons, The Minister of State For Defence Procurement Mr Jeremy Quin MP and First Sea Lord and Chief Of Naval Staff Admiral Tony Radakin KCB ADC. During the day, personnel from Companies Babcock, Thales and MBDA had stalls set up for potential buyers whilst tours were conducted throughout for the VIPs. The day concluded with a boarding demonstration by UK/US and Ukranian Forces and a Signing of Memorandum of Implementation on the Flight Deck. Credit: LPhot Dan Rosenbaum, HMS Defender

LONDON (Agencies): The United Kingdom is reportedly finalizing a ten-year security pact with Ukraine to enhance the Ukrainian Navy’s presence in the Black Sea, as stated by The Telegraph. Building on the UK’s substantial support for Ukraine, including weapons and training, the agreement is expected to be signed in the coming weeks.

Last week, the UK Defense Ministry announced the provision of two mine-clearing ships to Ukraine, reinforcing its commitment to a maritime coalition with Norway. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) underscores military support, focusing on naval assets, intelligence, and financial aid. Anonymous sources suggest the UK will provide land- and air-based weaponry to enhance interoperability with NATO.

The Royal Navy’s ongoing training programs, including de-mining and amphibious raid drills, are anticipated to continue under the new accord. The pact is said to include post-conflict security guarantees, with the UK committing to support Ukraine “until the end of this war and beyond,” according to a Defense Ministry spokesperson.

Last Monday, UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps announced the transfer of two Sandown Class mine countermeasure vessels (MCMVs) to Kiev. Russia has expressed skepticism about the impact of Western military aid and warned of potential direct confrontations between NATO and Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry accused the Ukrainian Navy of endangering civilian navigation in the Black Sea with obsolete sea mines, some of which have drifted into open waters after storms.

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