In response to the recent poor performance on the battlefield, particularly in Donbass, Ukraine’s top general, Alexandr Syrsky, has announced a significant reshuffle in command positions. Syrsky attributed the setbacks to the incompetence of some local commanders, leading to troops’ retreat in the region.

Taking to Telegram on Saturday, Syrsky criticized the lack of control by certain brigade commanders and emphasized the importance of their experience and decision-making abilities. He revealed his efforts to reinforce problematic brigades with specialists, additional military equipment, and enhanced military expertise.

Syrsky acknowledged that, in cases where commanders fail to control the situation, risking the lives of subordinates, he is compelled to make personnel decisions. The move comes in the aftermath of the strategic city of Avdeevka falling to Russian forces, prompting concerns about the overall momentum of Russia’s onslaught unless Ukraine receives substantial ammunition shipments from the West.

Notably, this reshuffle follows Syrsky’s own promotion, which occurred amid a major top brass restructuring that resulted in the dismissal of Ukraine’s former commander-in-chief, Valery Zaluzhny. Reports suggest that Zaluzhny’s differences with President Vladimir Zelensky over military strategy played a role in his removal.

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