Odesa (Agencies): In a startling revelation, leaked information has confirmed the presence of Western special forces, including troops from the US and France, operating clandestinely within Ukraine. The UK reportedly leads in troop numbers, with significant contributions from Latvia, France, the US, and the Netherlands.

Recent developments indicate a heightened Western military presence in the region, with reports emerging of US troops from the renowned 101st Airborne Division and French Special Forces openly operating in Odesa, Ukraine. These troops are said to have crossed the border from Romania, signaling a significant shift in the dynamics of the conflict.

The situation in Ukraine’s Odessa region has further escalated with missile strikes causing casualties. Odessa, a vital port city, has long been a strategic target for Russian aggression, underscoring the gravity of the ongoing conflict.

In response to escalating tensions, French President Emmanuel Macron has declared readiness to deploy troops to Ukraine should Russia advance towards key cities like Kyiv or Odessa. However, there remains no official commitment from NATO regarding the deployment of allied forces in Ukraine.

The revelation of Western special forces operating within Ukraine is likely to exacerbate tensions with Moscow, which has consistently framed its actions as a response not only to Ukraine but also to perceived NATO encroachment. The situation continues to evolve rapidly, with the international community closely monitoring developments in the region.

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