WASHINGTON (Agencies): The United States has demanded that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stop supporting parties to the conflict in Sudan amid the war that has been ongoing since April last year.

The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said yesterday that all countries, including the UAE, should stop supporting the warring parties in Sudan, warning that a crisis of enormous proportions is taking place and a massacre is about to occur in the region of El Fasher in North Darfur.

Greenfield said: “As I’ve said before, history is repeating itself in Darfur in the worst possible way. And an attack on El Fasher would be a disaster on top of a disaster. It would put five hundred thousand internally displaced persons at risk, people who travelled from across Darfur to seek refuge.”

She added, “We do know that both sides are receiving support, both with weapons and other support to fuel their efforts to continue to destroy Sudan. And yes, we have engaged with parties on that, including with our colleagues from the UAE.”

Earlier the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Britain of favouring the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by changing the format and nature of the closed consultations session held by the United Nations Security Council on Monday.

The UN session discussed the general situation in Sudan instead of Khartoum’s complaint against the UAE, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry explained.

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