WASHINGTON (Agencies): The US Department of Defense is reportedly relocating its fighter jets, armed drones, and other aircraft from the Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

This move comes after the UAE informed the US that it would no longer permit US warplanes and drones stationed at Al Dhafra Air Base to carry out strikes in Yemen and Iraq.

The decision by the UAE has led to increased tensions between Washington and some Gulf Arab states, particularly amid concerns over the escalation of regional conflict with the spread of the war in Gaza.

In response to these rising regional tensions, the US is turning to Qatar and Djibouti to strengthen its air presence.

In Yemen, the Houthis have carried out nearly 100 attacks on commercial vessels and naval forces operating in the area, prompting the US to launch airstrikes in an attempt to curb the attacks and pressure for a ceasefire in Gaza.

This strategic shift in US military assets comes as part of efforts to ease tensions and secure the region in the face of rapid regional developments123. The implications of this move for regional security and stability will be closely watched.

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