SANA’A (Agencies): Yemen’s Houthi militia has once again demonstrated their ability to take down General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper drones using locally-made surface-to-air missiles. The latest incident occurred over Marib, western Yemen, where the American drone was reportedly “carrying out hostile acts.” Although the US military has not officially acknowledged the loss, footage shows wreckage consistent with the Reaper’s dimensions.

This marks at least the fifth MQ-9 Reaper destroyed over Yemen since October 2023. American forces have deployed these armed UAVs extensively in the region to weaken Houthi missile and drone capabilities. The ongoing conflict centers around the Houthi’s partial blockade of the Red Sea, targeting Israeli, US, and UK-linked commercial vessels and warships.

The MQ-9 Reaper, introduced in 2008, boasts a 27-hour endurance time, a 50,000-foot flight ceiling, and a 20-meter wingspan. It can carry up to 1,700 kg of ordinance and travel at speeds of nearly 500 km per hour. The Houthis remain steadfast in their partial blockade until Israel ceases its assault on Gaza, rejecting attempts to halt their missile and drone attacks.

In response to perceived US complicity with Israel, the Houthis have escalated their actions, including threats to target Israeli-bound ships in the Mediterranean. Their campaign has resulted in fewer casualties than the Gaza crisis, but tensions persist as they expand operations across seas and oceans .

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