MOSCOW (Agencies): In a significant reshuffle, Admiral Alexander Moiseyev has been appointed as the chief of Russia’s navy, according to state-run media reports. The Kremlin had previously remained silent on rumors that Moiseyev would replace Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, especially in light of the Russian navy’s mounting losses to Ukrainian attacks in the Black Sea.

Admiral Moiseyev, who previously commanded Russia’s Northern Fleet, now assumes the role of commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy. His appointment was officially announced during the Day of the Russian Submariner celebrations in the northwestern port city of Kronstadt, approximately 20 kilometers from St. Petersburg.

Admiral Moiseyev’s decorated career includes multiple state honors, such as the Order of Courage, Hero of the Russian Federation, and orders For Merit to the Fatherland (4th and 2nd classes). His leadership will be crucial as the Russian Navy faces challenges in the Black Sea region.

This change marks the most significant shakeup in Russia’s military top brass since the removal of Aerospace Forces chief Sergei Surovikin last year. While the Russian navy has encountered setbacks at sea, its land offensive in eastern Ukraine continues to advance after over a year of deadlocked fighting.

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