WASHINGTON (Agencies) – The administration of US President Joe Biden is urging Congress to approve the sale of F-15 fighter jets to Israel worth a total of $18 billion, while resisting calls to curb US arms sales to the Jewish state over its military offensive in the Gaza Strip, US media reported, citing US officials.

The US Department of State has recently sent an informal notice to two congressional committees urging them to begin legislative consideration of the sale of the planes, the newspaper reported. The deal is expected to include ammunition, training to operate the fighters, and other assistance.
At the same time, US officials said that it would take at least five years for Israel to receive the jets.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials said that the country would soon approach Washington with a new order for F-35 fighter jets, the newspaper reported.
Earlier in the week, media reported that the US was considering supplying Israel with fighter jets and missiles in the next few years. Israel could receive up to 50 vehicles, 30 advanced medium-range AIM-120 missiles and components for turning bombs into precision-guided munitions.

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