TEXAS (Agencies): A large convoy, reportedly led by a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, has announced its intention to arrive at the Texas border next week to prevent illegal crossings from Mexico. This comes amid escalating tensions between the southern state’s leadership and the federal government over illegal immigration.

The group, known as ‘Take Our Border Back,’ has gathered over 2,100 followers on the Telegram social network. Supporters have shared information about the planned four-day convoy, set to commence on Monday, with rallies planned in Texas, California, and Arizona.

Pete Chambers, the convoy organizer and a reported retired US Armed Forces lieutenant colonel, outlined the group’s strategy in a recent radio interview. He emphasized the group’s commitment to identifying and locating illegal crossings and collaborating with law enforcement.

The group has refuted claims, particularly from Wired, that a majority of the convoy participants will be armed. They clarified on Telegram that their intention is to peacefully protest under their First Amendment right and pray, with the ultimate goal of stopping illegal immigration into the United States and closing the border.

The convoy’s arrival coincides with heightened tensions between Texas state officials and the federal government. The US Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of the Biden administration’s request to remove razor wire installed along parts of the border by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. In response, Abbott declared his intention to defy the government and the Supreme Court by ordering the installation of more razor wire to deter illegal migration.

Migration into the US is expected to be a significant issue in the upcoming presidential election. According to US officials, approximately 300,000 people attempted to cross the border in December alone.

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