• By: Captain (Retired) Umar Farooq

Pakistan, particularly the KPK region, is witnessing a resurgence of terrorist attacks targeting law enforcement. The alarming influx of IEDs necessitates immediate action. Intelligence must trace the origins and halt the flow at the borders. Additionally, specialized training for military and civilian forces is crucial for IED detection and management.

Identifying terrorist groups, their strategies, and sanctuaries is imperative. A swift, strategic offensive is needed to eradicate these threats. Learning from past attacks through case studies can reveal terrorist expertise and our own vulnerabilities. Understanding their motivations is key to future prevention.

The fight against terrorism is a long haul, as evidenced by Sri Lanka’s experience with the Tamil Tigers. Our training programs must evolve to include modern threats and countermeasures. Public awareness and cooperation are vital in exposing terrorist hideouts.

Accelerating development in tribal areas and engaging in dialogue are proactive measures against extremism. Media, educators, and religious leaders play a pivotal role in fostering national pride and countering radicalism.

Pakistan’s economic strain cannot sustain another wave of terrorism. Addressing societal grievances and tightening weapon access are necessary steps. Our intelligence must adopt a proactive stance against internal and external threats, particularly those instigated by foreign adversaries.

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