• By: Zarar Sheikh

“Stop the genocide. Ceasefire now. Free Palestine. End the occupation.”

This is the voice of humanity ringing loudly throughout the world. Every person who has a heart, a conscience, an iota of humanity, can not but feel an unbearable heavy burden on their soul to see this massacre go on and on and on, and those who can stop this in an instant not pay any heed.

  • Why, why, why???

The helplessness of ordinary people shows clearly that the most “democratic” of the governments, who claim to represent the will of the people and occupy high positions in the name of people, in reality do not represent them. No doubt there are countries, and really the overwhelming majority of them (especially the government of South Africa) who have made efforts at the UN, to try to get an immediate ceasefire, but failed. Is that all the UN can do? So, is the UN as helpless as ordinary citizens?

In this era of social media when the whole world is connected in real time, there is a dire realization that humanity needs an entirely different social organization to govern, whose topmost priority, is the lives of its citizens. In the current political and governance system, human lives can be sacrificed without blinking an eye to meet other “goals” like ethnic cleansing and killing with impunity to achieve them. But this understanding is changing the world, changing the whole perspective of the people of the world on the relation between the rulers at the helm of affairs and the people/masses at large. While this tragedy, and it is an ongoing tragedy of unparalled proportions, has and is committing horrific crimes against humanity, this tragedy has brought the human community closer. People are beginning to realize that their core interests in the well being of humanity are the same, while the interests of those in power are not only different, but in many cases opposite to the interests of the citizens.

The impact of this genocide (in all its dimensions) by Israel, with decisive support from the US (and silent complicity by some others) will be far reaching and immense in changing the world.

“Stop the genocide. Ceasefire now. Free Palestine. End the occupation.”

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