BEIJING (Agencies): China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) issued a stark warning on Friday, highlighting the potential risks posed by smart wearable devices. According to the MSS, these seemingly innocuous gadgets could inadvertently serve as “cyber spies,” manipulated by foreign intelligence agencies for espionage purposes.

When smart wearables connect to smartphones via wireless networks or Bluetooth, they become vulnerable targets. Foreign cyber spies can exploit this connection to launch attacks, surreptitiously implanting Trojan horse programs without the user’s awareness. Once compromised, these devices grant unauthorized access to critical functions, including recording and photography, potentially compromising sensitive information.

The MSS emphasized that even when wearables are disconnected from Bluetooth or wireless networks, dormant Trojan horse programs can activate recording and photographing features, capturing real-time data. Upon reconnection, this confidential information is surreptitiously transmitted.

In a related concern, the MSS highlighted the threat posed by certain cameras placed in sensitive or classified areas. These covert surveillance devices, once utilized by foreign spy intelligence agencies, endanger national security.

Overseas operatives, masquerading as vendors selling specialized monitoring cameras, have surreptitiously deployed modified “spy cameras” in China’s vital maritime regions. Disguised as equipment for aquaculture areas, these cameras conduct comprehensive surveillance of hydrological and meteorological conditions, as well as sea surface activities. The data collected is transmitted via underwater cables or satellite signals to overseas servers, potentially compromising China’s security.

As the global landscape evolves, vigilance against covert threats remains paramount. The MSS’s warning underscores the need for robust countermeasures and international cooperation to safeguard national interests.

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