LONDON (Agencies): The United Kingdom and the EU border agency Frontex joined forces to combat irregular immigration. The agreement, signed by UK Border Force director general Phil Douglas and Frontex executive director Hans Leijtens in London, aims to disrupt people-smuggling gangs and enhance border security.

The pact facilitates the exchange of intelligence between Frontex and the UK Border Force, bolstering efforts to prevent illegal migration. Additionally, both parties commit to collaborating on cutting-edge technologies, including the use of drones for border protection.

Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has prioritized curbing the flow of migrants crossing the Channel from France. With a general election on the horizon, this joint initiative represents a significant step in securing borders and addressing organized immigration crime.

Last year, the number of migrants arriving on England’s south coast via rudimentary vessels decreased by a third, down from a record high of 45,000 in 2022. The UK government hails this agreement as a pivotal move in their ongoing efforts to combat illegal migration and dismantle criminal networks. Expect this issue to take center stage in the upcoming general election campaign.

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