• The opening of the Craft by Side Hustle brewery comes amid increased competition between the various Gulf countries to attract tourists and expats.

ABU DHABI (Agencies): Marking a significant shift in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) alcohol regulations, Abu Dhabi has launched its first local craft brewery, Craft by Side Hustle, located in the Galleria al-Maryah Island shopping mall.

This microbrewery and gastropub, aiming to offer innovative and authentic dining experiences, symbolizes a change in the UAE’s approach to alcohol production.

Since its establishment in 1971, the UAE has had limited access to alcohol, with alcohol consumption decriminalized only at the end of 2020, except in Sharjah where it remains prohibited.

The recent launch of Craft by Side Hustle in Abu Dhabi underscores the ongoing easing of restrictions and the nation’s initiatives to draw in foreigners.

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