TEL AVIV (Agencies): A former high-ranking Israeli official has leveled serious allegations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the unnamed source, Netanyahu is deliberately stalling negotiations for a prisoner exchange with the Palestinian group Hamas.

The proposed exchange involves the release of two Israeli civilians currently held by Hamas in Gaza in exchange for four Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli custody. These prisoners include two members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and two senior Hamas operatives.

The official claims that Netanyahu’s reluctance to finalize the deal stems from political considerations. With Israel heading to the polls for the fourth time in two years, the Prime Minister is wary of any move that could be perceived as “soft” on security issues. Critics argue that this approach jeopardizes the lives of the Israeli civilians held by Hamas and undermines efforts to secure their release.

Hamas, on the other hand, has expressed frustration over the prolonged negotiations. The group accuses Israel of reneging on previous agreements and using the exchange as a bargaining chip in broader geopolitical maneuvering. The situation remains tense, with families of the detained civilians anxiously awaiting news of their loved ones’ fate.

As the political drama unfolds, international observers closely monitor the delicate balance between humanitarian concerns and national security. The fate of the hostages hangs in the balance, and the clock continues to tick as both sides grapple with the complexities of prisoner exchanges in a conflict-ridden region

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