London (Agencies) The Royal Navy’s £3 billion warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has been engulfed in flames while docked at Glenmallan in Scotland. The incident occurred as the vessel awaited repairs. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, and the damage was minor.

This event follows a recent malfunction that forced HMS Queen Elizabeth to withdraw from Operation Steadfast Defender, a significant NATO exercise. The carrier, equipped with advanced F-35 stealth jets, was meant to lead the alliance’s largest maneuvers since the Cold War. However, technical setbacks have plagued the vessel, leading to its replacement by HMS Prince of Wales, which also faced delays due to faults.

Critics argue that these expensive carriers are vulnerable to drone attacks and hypersonic missiles, while supporters emphasize their indispensable role in projecting power globally. Despite the challenges, the Royal Navy remains committed to maintaining a carrier strike capability, even as both carriers currently rest in dock at Portsmouth instead of participating in active operations.

The incident serves as a reminder that even the mightiest vessels can face unexpected challenges, and naval forces must adapt swiftly to ensure security on the high seas.

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