TEHRAN (Agencies): In a significant development, Iran has declared ownership over parts of Antarctica and announced plans to establish a military and scientific base there. The announcement was made by the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, who stated that Iran has “property rights” in Antarctica, particularly the South Pole.

The plan involves raising the Iranian flag and conducting both military and scientific activities in the region. The move is seen as a strategic step towards enhancing Iran’s global presence and influence. However, it has sparked concerns globally, especially considering the recent actions of Iranian-backed militias4.

This declaration is in defiance of global treaties, as Antarctica is governed by the Antarctic Treaty System, which prohibits any military activity, mineral mining, nuclear testing, and nuclear waste disposal. It also supports scientific research and protects the continent’s ecozone. Ongoing research is conducted by countries that have signed the treaty.

Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, and the United Kingdom are currently the seven countries that have laid territorial claims on Antarctica. However, most other countries, including the United States, do not recognize these claims.

As the situation unfolds, global powers are closely monitoring Iran’s actions and their potential implications for international stability.

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