I am writing to express my deep concern about the plight of the Rohingya Muslims, a stateless ethnic minority group who have faced decades of persecution and discrimination in Myanmar. Despite the ongoing humanitarian crisis and the atrocities they have endured, their plight has largely gone unnoticed by the international community.

The Rohingya people have been systematically denied their fundamental human rights, including citizenship, freedom of movement, and access to education and healthcare. They have been subjected to violence, displacement, and arbitrary detention, and their homes have been burned and their villages destroyed.

The Myanmar government has consistently denied the Rohingya’s identity and citizenship, labeling them as “Bengali” immigrants despite their centuries-long presence in the country. This denial has been used to justify the discrimination and violence against them.

The international community has failed to take decisive action to protect the Rohingya and hold the Myanmar government accountable for its crimes. The United Nations Security Council has been paralyzed by vetoes from China, a close ally of Myanmar. And while there have been some international condemnations of the Rohingya’s plight, they have not been translated into meaningful action.

The silence of the international community is deafening, and it is a betrayal of the Rohingya people. They have been abandoned by the world, left to suffer in unimaginable conditions.

We must not forget the Rohingya. We must continue to speak out against the injustice they face, and we must demand that the international community take action to protect their rights and hold the Myanmar government accountable for its crimes.

Umama Rajput


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