Dear Members of the Forum, LEAs, and Traffic Police

I am writing to request the formalization of a policy to prevent Light Transport Vehicles (LTV) and Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTV) from using the right lane (fast lane), which should be reserved solely for overtaking other vehicles.

Currently, our traffic police are focused on monitoring signals, mobile phone use while driving, and speeding. However, a significant issue that needs addressing is the improper use of the right lane by slow-moving vehicles. This practice causes inconvenience and increases the risk of accidents for other drivers.

Introducing heavy fines and stopping slow-moving vehicles in the right lane will greatly improve traffic flow and safety. While making roads signal-free is a step forward, it won’t resolve the underlying issues faced by citizens if proper lane discipline is not enforced.

We urge the relevant authorities to consider this proposal and implement strict measures to ensure the right lane is used appropriately.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best regards,

Fahd Sikandar Choudhry


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