KARACHI (Agencies): Registrar Cooperative Societies office staff in Karachi have been flouting the orders of Ehsan Ur Rehman Mazari, Advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh for Inter-Provincial Coordination and Cooperative Department.

Despite being suspended due to absenteeism, Assistant Registrar Muhammad Usman Khaskheli continued to visit the office and enjoy the perks of his position. Advisor Mazari had conducted an unannounced visit to the Registrar Office on June 11, 2024, expressing displeasure over officer absences. He directed the activation of a biometric attendance system and emphasized addressing public grievances promptly.

However, it appears that the Advisor’s directives were not fully implemented. The suspended Assistant Registrar, Khaskheli, was not only present in the office but also availing himself of the benefits associated with his role. This unauthorized reinstatement raises questions about accountability and adherence to official procedures within the Registrar Cooperative Societies. The situation warrants further investigation to ensure transparency and uphold the integrity of the department.

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