PARIS (Agencies): A radiation leak has been reported at a metallurgical plant in Colmar, a city in eastern France, according to Franceinfo broadcaster. The French metallurgy company ADF disclosed on Wednesday evening that they were unable to halt a weld inspection system that was emitting gamma radiation.

As of Thursday, an area of 130 meters (approximately 427 feet) surrounding the plant has been cordoned off. The prefecture of the Haut-Rhin department, as cited by Franceinfo, has assured that there is no risk of pollution and all workers have been evacuated from the building.

Specialists are scheduled to arrive at the site on Thursday to deactivate the apparatus and evaluate the risks to workers, following the protocol of the French Nuclear Safety Authority.

Eric Straumann, the Mayor of Colmar, stated that approximately 15 residents living on the street next to the plant have been evacuated. However, he reassured that there are “no risks of infection or spread of radiation.”

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