Islamabad (Khyber Mail): Russian Ambassador to Pakistan, Albert Khorev, responded today to The Express Tribune’s recent article authored by Ukrainian Ambassador Markiian Chuchuk. Ambassador Khorev addressed what he deemed baseless accusations against Russia in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Chuchuk’s article alleged Moscow’s obstruction of the prisoner-of-war exchange, a claim contested by Ambassador Khorev. He affirmed Russia’s proactive efforts in repatriating its servicemen and highlighted significant swaps facilitated with support from key nations, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Türkiye.

In addition, Khorev refuted accusations of Russia deporting Ukrainian children, dismissing it as a cornerstone of a Western information campaign against Russia. He underscored that millions of Ukrainian refugees, including children, sought refuge in Russia due to actions and repressions by the Ukrainian army, rejecting claims of forced deportation.

Emphasizing Moscow’s consistent readiness for negotiations without preconditions, Khorev criticized Ukraine for prohibiting talks with the President of Russia. He argued that Ukraine’s insistence on the withdrawal of Russian troops from specific regions before negotiations hampers progress toward peace.

Ambassador Khorev also shed light on internal discord within Ukrainian politics, citing a Facebook poll conducted by Mariana Bezugla, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian parliament’s National Security Committee. The poll indicated a willingness among Ukrainian men to renounce citizenship to avoid mobilization. Khorev quoted David Arahamiya, head of the ruling party faction, revealing Russia’s belief in achieving neutrality to end the war during past negotiations.

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