WASHINGTON (Agencies): In a significant move, the Biden administration has given the green light for the transfer of substantial military equipment to Israel. This decision comes amidst growing apprehensions about a potential Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah, as reported by The Washington Post on Friday.

The specifics of the approved transfer include:

  • MK84 2,000-pound bombs: Israel will receive more than 1,800 of these powerful munitions.
  • MK82 500-pound bombs: An additional 500 of these bombs will be provided.
  • F-35A Fighter Jets: The United States will send 25 advanced F-35A fighter jets along with their engines.

Notably, the MK84 bombs have been linked to mass-casualty incidents during Israel’s previous military operations in the Gaza Strip. The situation remains closely monitored by international observers as tensions persist in the region.

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